How to be healed, set free, inspired and found in community

If you’ve been hurt in community, you need to be healed in community. If you’ve been stifled in community you need to be set free in community. If you’ve been disinterested in community you need to be inspired in community. If you’ve been lost in community, you need to be found in community.

Welcome home.

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Kingdom Way is a Church in Edmonton Alberta Canada that together is developing our God given potential.

We believe that God the Father, Jesus the son, and the Holy Spirit each played a role in the creation of man. For us to reach our full potential as people, we need God’s help and the help of each other. By lovingly supporting people in developing an intimate relationship with God, and deeper relationships with each other, we see our potential being realized.

Every person has value, no-one is insignificant, and everyone has something to contribute to the benefit of all. People are most fulfilled when they are operating in their destiny, so we are open to everyone who desires to reach their potential. Through a culture of honour, and respect we recognize the importance of community. We endeavour to help each other, discover and develop our natural and supernatural gifts, and apply them to our mission and ministry to limitless potential.

We understand that people are made up of a body, soul, & spirit, and we all have needs in each of these areas. It’s in community that these needs are met.

Using the Bible as our standard, we follow the example of Jesus, in how we are to serve and love one another, with the help and direction of the Holy Spirit. We measure our success by seeing our people in more meaningful relationships, and actively fulfilling the important role God has called them to play.

Join us Sundays at 10:00. We’ll so enjoy meeting you and welcome you into our family. Contact us if you have any questions.

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Hours & Info

Call or Text us at 825-440-1710
Join us IN PERSON or ONLINE Sundays at 10:00 AM and during the week you're invited to what's on our Calendar Online as well. Learn more about all events at