You were created to walk with God in the garden in the cool of the day. Sin came into the world and we bore the consequences of it, but Jesus came and took our place and offered His yoke that it easy and burden that is light. It’s time His children live LIGHT.

Watch the series…

 Live LIGHT – Why everybody needs to Live LIGHT

Week 1 Booklet

 Live Loved – How to know if I Live Loved

Week 2 Booklet

Live Intentional –  How to know if my heart is aligned with God’s heart

Week 3 Booklet

Live Generous – How to most easily grow my generosity

Week 4 Booklet


Live Happy – How to live Happy even at work

Week 5 Booklet

Live Today -How to know I’m making the best use of TIME

Week 6 Booklet

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