Are you ready to experience an incredible amount of power in your spiritual life? The Baptism of the Holy Spirit could be just what you need! This amazing event is a transformative experience that fills believers with God’s power, allowing them to operate in supernatural gifts and bear fruit like never before. Learn and experience more with the message: What is the Baptism of Holy Spirit?

Kingdom Way Church – is our church in Edmonton, Alberta. Watch us live at Sundays at 10:00 AM Mountain time. Watch Video on Demand at Connect and learn more at

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  • Dear our Brothers and sisters,
    I salute you in Jesus name. I am very much blessed after read your website and I get interested with your ministry work.
    I have a small group fellowship which i started to preach the gospel through seminars and doing evangelism house to house and visited the needy people their homes teach them the word of God.
    I have 57 members and I hope to increase as the Lord open doors.We are independent church and we are worshipping under shade. Our vision is to spread the good news of Jesus Christ through seminars, doing evangelism house to house and visited the needy people teaching them the word of God and give them hope for their life.
    Long time I have been praying God to open doors to find a friend who we will join with and thank God for answering my prayers to meet you. I humble my self before God praying and request you to join hands together as brothers and sisters so that to move a head the Gospel of Jesus Christ and make more disciples Mathew 28:18-20
    We highly honored to welcome you to visit our country Kenya to preach the gospel and plant.
    Thank you and may the Lord continue bless you.
    Hope to hear from you what God will speak to you.
    Yours in Christ,
    Bishop John Oseko

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