About THE Kingdom Way

The Kingdom Way is to Love God, Love People and Make Disciples. We’ve found nine basic habits everybody needs for growth and discovered they help to Love God, Love People and Make Disciples. 

The Kingdom Way is a pathway that’s not meant to walked alone. It works best if you have someone who can be you Growth Coach to walk with you those this and encourage you along the way. 

How to use this website

We’ve designed this website to help you to either draw closer to God or grow deeper in your relationship with Him. It’s best to go through this training with the person who gave you the link to https://kingdomway.ca/next-steps . They can be your Growth Coach. Your Growth Coach will be there to encourage you in this journey. 

You can read this content quickly, but using the tools will take time. Information is important, but the Bible says “knowledge puffs up and love builds up” (1 Corinthians 8:1). Taking your time and working with a Growth Coach through this allows love to build up. We have questions for you talk about with your Growth Coach each time you meet. You’ll both be sharing your stories and experience.

If you’re a Growth Coach wanting to know how this booklet can help you help people in your everyday world, start at the back with habit 9. If you’re wanting to learn more about Jesus and this journey with Him, start at the beginning with habit 1. These habits are ongoing and don’t stop if you go through it once. 

As always, your pastors at Kingdom Way Church are available whenever there are questions beyond you. This content is a primer for knowledge, more online classes will be made available as questions arise.  

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