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The saints overcame by the blood of the lamb and the word of their testimony. Revelation 12:11 Testimony is inviting God to do it again. It raises expectancy for God to be good and for God to be great. He is already, but hearing and reading His stories helps us to focus on His love for us.

Read about what God has been doing in and through us at Kingdom Way. Share your own stories with us here.

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Adam’s Shoulder – June 2017

• Thank you for healing from chronic pain
• I got 95% on my math test – praise God
• John is healed and recovered, strong as ever
• My Jaw is better – no pain; had MRI, waiting for result
• Thank you, dear Father, for healing Ibukun. Thank you, Lord.
• I passed my exams!!! Praise God
• PTL Joy’s brother in treatment for substance abuse. Gave his life to Jesus!
• Joy’s mom health improved and has moved into a real home. Thank you Jesus.
• Praise you God for healing my back
• R is back with her ex and he’s being respectful AND giving $ to support the kids
• Dad’s eye surgery went well June 2016
• Mom’s cataract surgery went well PTL Aug 2016
• PTL Sandrika got a job; healing for Lisa migraine. Thanks and praise to God
• Thank you, Lord, for the healing I’m receiving as I’m attending this church
• My right knee has been in pain and hurting. Ann M prayed for my knee. Thank God for God’s healing 15 Nov 2015
• Thank you, Lord, for answering my prayers giving us direction and provision. Thank you, Lord
• Thank you, Jesus, for giving Parker the interim residency at the U of A
• Saw heart specialist and everything’s good! Thank you, Jesus, Heavenly Father, and Holy Spirit!
• Praise Jesus for hearing my prayers for the freedom of Nigerian women, children and schoolgirls kidnapped from their villages. He shines His light upon them. Praise Jesus!
o 82 released May 6/17. Praise God!
• Lynette is cancer free!
• Keith’s back healed
• No cancer!
• Surgery went well
• Some controlled movements of one foot Dec 2015
o Uncle Jim healing spinal injury
• Spencer and Chelsey both got their first pick in co-op job posting. Thank you, Jesus, for your favour upon their lives. There were 200 in Spencer’s group and only 80 got jobs. There was 180 in Chelsey’s group and only 80 got jobs from her group. They were both blessed with their first pick.
• Tests came back… no cancer left at all. 100% gone
• My sister Lena Barrios Abelita is miraculously healed by Jesus. No need of surgery in her rotator cuff right shoulder. To God be the glory, honor and praises, thanksgiving. God bless you all.
• Lord thank you for finding a church that we can call home.
• Thank you, Lord, for the relationship I have with you and for the man you have brought into my life. I appreciate you, Lord.
• Thank you, Lord, for a church FAMILY
• My elbow is improving daily and I give God all the glory
• Thank you, Lord, for my new nephew Anyoluwapo. Thank you Lord
• Father God thank you for opening so many doors that I wasn’t qualified for. Thank you for taking my willing heart and helping me succeed. I know it was all you!
• Thanks to God because he saved me and Dad and Mom – Isaiah
• Thank you, God that you healed my knee! Love ya!
• Thank you, Lord. There is no greater gift than what you and the Father have given us. I am grateful for your unconditional love and never leaving my side. I love you not in words [but] in heart
• I thank God that I am using an eye drop that prevents my pupils from dilating so much. My comfort level is steadily improving and God is restoring
• Lord thank you for surrounding us with friends that desire rich friendships
• Thank you, Jesus, for another year. Today I am 25 years old
Thank you for wanting to share your God story. The saints overcame by the blood of the Lamb and the word of their testimony. (see Revelation 12:11) Paul told Philemon to be active in sharing His faith so he’d have a full understanding of every good thing he had in Christ (See Philemon 1:6 NIV84)

How do you share your story? Paul gave his testimony in Acts 26:4-23 and he followed the classic 3 part story model.

  1. What was it like before? (How did you act or think? What could you do or couldn’t do? Do you have a diagnosis or prognosis from a doctor? What did others say about you?)
  2. What happened? (How did you encounter God? Did someone pray or command? Did you respond to something? Why?)
  3. What it been like since? (How has your life changed? Has physical or emotional pain left? Have relationships been restored? What can you tell people about the difference Jesus makes in your life?)

Thank you for sharing good news about our good God. Use this form and it will be shared across our social networks.


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