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They say laughter is the best medicine. If this is true, then John Guminiak will send the doctor away with medical bags packed. If you’re looking for clean and hilarious entertainment with a style all its own, then you need look no further than than the stand-up comedy of John Guminiak.

John is an award winning writer and comedian who has performed professionally since the age of nine (John practically grew up on stage with a microphone in his hand). John’s performances combine clean “road tested” stand-up comedy, incredible jazz piano skills, lightning quick wit, and story telling which introduces audiences to characters they will remember for years to come. And to top it off, John does all of this using his now trademark voice which will have you asking the question “is that his real voice?” The answer to this question is “yes.” John can’t believe that at his age his voice still sounds like a girl, but he hopes that someday it will mature and sound more like a woman.

Originally from Utica, New York, John has delighted audiences from one end of the country to the other with his amusing thoughts, side-splitting observations, and hysterical life experiences. Besides countless live performances, John has made numerous television appearances such as the Disney Channel’s Mickey Mouse Club where he was inducted into the “Mickey Mouse Club Hall of Fame” and awarded with the prestigious “Golden Mickey” award. So whether John is talking about his voice, his Grandma, or performing “Jazzy Jokes,” this family-friendly show-stopper is sure to have your guests doubled over in laughter with his one-of-a-kind humor. John’s comedy act is perfect for corporate events, comedy clubs, fundraising events, church outreach events, singles ministries, couples ministries, worship conferences, private parties and any other gathering where a dose of “funny” is needed.


“With a voice like Mike Tyson’s John’s comedy sure packs a punch.”

Ken Pierce, Pastor of Small Groups and Singles

“One of my best ideas was to bring John in to kick off a training time for my volunteer teams. I stood in the back of the room laughing and delighting as I observed everyone from kids to senior adults laughing heartily throughout his entire presentation.”

Bill Born, Pastor of Worship Ministries

“I have used John Guminiak as a guest artist on multiple occasions and he has never failed to deliver. Attaching John’s name to any project insures me I am getting a top notch talent audiences will love, and a down to earth team player who understands the rigors of show business. Whatever your occasion, if you’re looking for an act audiences will adore, John Guminiak is your man.”

Michael Tennant

“In addition to his commanding and unique stage presence… John is also beloved as a caring, selfless individual with a genuine concern for teamwork, ‘big picture’ goals, and the needs and feelings of others. I highly recommend John Guminiak to you. I know he will justify the confidence you may safely invest in him.”

Wayne Scott, President and Producing Artistic Director of Lifehouse Productions Inc.

“We featured John as our entertainment at a banquet at Oasis Valley Church. He was hilarious!!! He way-exceeded my expectations. The evening was full of giggles, chuckles and belly laughs. And on top of it all he was clean. John is easy to work with and could be a big plus for almost any program where you want to have fun! I highly recommend John!”

John Carlson, Pastor

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