Covid-19 Update May 29, 2020

We’ve heard from our Premier that the state of emergency will not be renewed after June 15. We don’t know what all that means for us today, but we know the path we’ll be following moving forward from June 7. 

May 31 Service will still be broadcasted at 10:00 AM. Please don’t join at the church building quite yet. 

But the next week you can.

June 7 and 14

June 7 Service we qualify for 50 people so with 10 people to run the service an broadcast we can have 40 people attend IN PERSON.

 We have a first come, first served registration set up. You can find the button to register at 

IF more than 40 people say they are wanting to come on June 7 the rest will be the first registered for June 14. 

You can tell us on the registration if you want to come either day. 

The service June 7 and 14 will still be broadcast for those not wanting to join at this time. 

What you need to know

Here’s what you need to know if you’re gathering with us June 7 or 14.

Seniors and high risk people are welcome to come, but please know this is a high risk gathering. 

We are strongly discouraged to sing together by the government guidelines. But the Bible tells us from David until forever in Heaven we’ll be singing together, so be forewarned. We will be singing together. Proper distancing will be in place. Feel free to wear a mask if you’d like.

Parents we are not allowed to have a kids program on June 7 or 14, so if you register to come, please know you’re responsible to keep your kids with you. We’ll be shortening our service to accommodate parents with young children.

We’re told it’s a return to more normal once the State of Emergency is lifted, so the hope is we can all gather together June 21. 

Thank you for your patience. Thank you for your co-operation. Thank you for looking out for each other. Thank you for being part of our church family. 

Trevor Lund

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