With our part of Allendale being under rehabilitation right now, for most of the summer, we don’t have access to our parking lot from 105 Street. 

We do have parking for those with children and mobility issues and also our guests close to the church and our neighbouring businesses have offered to help us out. 

We can park in the Gateway Hotel Parking and across Allendale Road at the Allendale Professional building. 

We’ve put together these maps and pictures to show you what you can expect. 

1. Parking next to the church for our guests and those with mobility issues and young children.

This approach can only be taken going west on Allendale Road. Just after crossing Calgary Trail, take the first right.

 2. Parking in the Gateway Hotel Parking

You can only get to Gateway Hotel Parking going West on Allendale as well.

3. Parking to the south

Parking to the south is the easiest place to get to coming EAST on Allendale Road. It’s assessable coming in either direction.

You may also find residential parking nearby but remember, this part of Allendale is all under rehabilitation right now. If your planning your first visit, you can pre-register your kids for Sunday School (Link coming soon) AND everyone who visits us gets access to Right Now Media.

It’s a little trickier than normal to get to us, but you’ll often find when you put in the effort you’re in for a better blessing.

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