The Prophet Isaiah foresaw healing would be coming to people through the stripes Jesus received leading to his death and resurrection. Healing is for today because Jesus paid the price in full. Today Pastor Shawn explores how we can pray to see God’s will be done on earth in the area of healing.

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Trevor Lund

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  • Hello
    I very much enjoyed and took to heart this message. I already know some of these questions about my husband being in alot of pain. But I wanted to ask you how does he himself prepare to receive healing?
    Thankyou if you can help
    Sincerely connie steves

    • Expectancy is important…Seeking God is important…there is not really a 5-step program to prepare that I’m aware of that “works” – whatever that means. I’m praying for grace and peace.

  • Hello
    I appreciate your email and this is something that my husband have talked about.
    He wanted me to pray with the laying of hands on him and he understands to
    have the hope in God to receive it. I have prayed for his health over the years and
    I sometimes think that’s what discourages him. But I pray that we can do God’s will together so I know that when he is free of this we can do that. Iam hopeful we can!
    Thanks again connie steves

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