The spiritual warfare we wage is not a physical battle, but rather a battle against spiritual forces. In order to win these mop-up battles in the war Christ won on the cross, we need to know how to wield the weapons God has for us. Learn more in the message Spirit Wars – The weapons of our warfare.

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  • how do I download these messages. This series is the direction I’m being drawn into & I need to educate my self to know what Christ is leading me into. I live in Fort Erie at the mouth of the Niagara River which is heading to where water is flowing over a cliff. I know that witches believe that Niagara Falls is the source of great power. I do have but not as much discernment as I continually pray for. I went to a Bulk Barn & after I paid for my order said to the proprietor “God Bless”. I wasn’t home for 5 minuets & it came to my intention that she is a Witch. Effeminately there after my truck doesn’t start until I plead the Protective Blood of Christ on all that Father God has given me to steward. after that the truck starts.
    Other occurrences that are becoming more intensive in my house is items are being moved and or hid, I feel a presence of something just behind me & as soon as I move my body , it’s not there.
    Unfortunately in the small church that I have the privilege to serve in, the pastor is the only person who has limited knowledge in.
    So as I came to your site (google search – spiritual warfare do Christians have the right to bind demons, I’ve learned a couple of things that came to me while I was in prayer, and wondered about them at the time, & not questioning the source of the spirit.
    If you could assist me I am eternally thank full, & I will thank you in our world to come
    I sign off my emails with Christ’s grace is more than sufficient

    • Our YouTube page is It’s easier to download the messages there than on our site. We use a CDN to protect content here. Don’t fear the enemy, he is defeated. Instead focus on God, He teaches you all truth and is the Way, Truth and Life.

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