On February 17, 2019 Pastor Shawn Lund shared the message “Hope
in the waiting”.

How do you let the God of hope fill you with all peace and joy as you trust in Him, so that you can overflow with hope by the power of the Holy Spirit?

You can. You must. You will.

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How is everyone doing today? You like the new format sitting around tables. This is called laziness. We had an all set up last night, and we’re going to have set up after the service in today. So we just left the tables and see what happens if you liked it.

You got a place to hide see if you look at it this way. Now. You have a place you can take notes. Yeah, you can sit and take notes good stuff. What’s today the message? I want to share is really heavy on my heart. It’s something that God has been working on me personally for for several months now and I’ve been putting off sharing this message over and over again, cuz I didn’t feel was right time and has passed your herb and I were talking this week. I just kind of felt you know, this is a time for this is the time for us to To really understand what’s happening in this moment of time and what the enemy is trying to do and how do we combat that? How do we deal with it? How do we get through it? So the title for today’s messages hope in the waiting.

I don’t believe you. But I don’t like to wait. How many of you like to wait? Alright, nobody put up their hands. I think that’s normal cuz you know what Even in our culture in our society, we have this this instant gratification that’s upon it’s like we get upset if we order something on Amazon with one day delivery and it takes two The travesty of it. Can you imagine? It’s like we don’t like lineups unless it’s Timmy’s because any time you’re out there in the morning. You’ve all seen the lineups going around the block right? But for the most part we don’t like to wait. Really is the masters of waiting that they call it Disneyland or Disneyworld, but they have actually perfected the art of waiting. Don’t believe me. Have you ever been there? How much time do you actually spend on the ride compared to how much time you spend in line, right? You might have a two-minute ride and stand in line for 4 hours. But what have they done they’ve kind of made the waiting in line part as part of the entertainment. So even though you’re standing there doing absolutely nothing they make it feel like it’s fun. Now if we could do that for the rest of our lives, that would probably be good. But the simple fact is we don’t like to wait and when we talk about this We should be applying it to the Natural. We’re waiting for this or waiting for that. But today I want to really kind of focus on on spiritual.

Are there things in your life? The you are waiting for God to do.

And when you’re in this season of waiting whether it will there be a healing will there be a miracle whether it be a financial provision like a new job or or better job weather be the salvation of a loved one? There are things in our life. Did we are waiting for?

I don’t know about you, but I don’t like waiting so much the fact that there’s things that God has told me. Jackie to go. I’m talking 30 years ago 30 30 years ago. God has told me things that I’m still waiting to happen. I’m in that area of waiting in that process of waiting on God one of two things can happen. number one you can get discouraged in the process. You can look at it and say this is never going to happen. I’m never going to see this, but I’m never going to get healed. I’m never going to get this and you can focus on the the negative. Or you can focus on what God actually wants to develop in the process.

Is she when infused with hope? waiting builds anticipation think about that.

When a child is waiting to open their gifts at their birthday or Christmas time what happens to them? They get excited they get why they can’t wait they can’t wait cuz they want to open it up and it’s a form of excitement. Why because there is hope in what they’re going to get. What if you remove Hook from the equation all the sudden waiting becomes a complete waste of time? Without hope it’s like what’s going to happen now? I just want this done. I want it to taken care of because hope is dwindled.

No, Nazi Germany. They did a lot of heinous experiments on on the prisoners. You really Travis. He’s in nature like things that should not have been done in one of the things they did is they would have a pile of rocks in in the courtyard and they would have one or two. This was their form of punishment. They would have one or two inmate pick up the rocks and carry them to the other side of the yard and then put them down. When all the Rocks were taken from one pile to the other pile. They wouldn’t tell me if they call those rocks and put it back in that original location. They would do this for days for weeks for months on end. You see their whole point of this was trying to see if they could remove Hope from the equation. If they could remove Hope from what they were experiencing because if they could remove hope they could break them. And it worked. It was a regular occurrence.

Isaiah 40:31 says yet those who wait for the Lord will gain new Strength. They will Mount up with wings like eagles. They will run and not get tired. They will walk and not become weary.

Should we have to take a waiting on God is I’m waiting for God. There’s another side of that equation and that’s waiting on God. Check if you have a server at a table right there waiting on you. They’re coming. They’re serving they’re doing what they’re supposed to do. And you can look at that first in that context saying those who wait upon the Lord. Okay, those who do the service of God those were doing what God has called them to do will renew their strength. Not so much God. I’m waiting for you to do something more. So God. I’m waiting on you so that you can do something. Is it just a little difference in vernacular on on how to look at this butt?

What are we doing those times when we are actually waiting on God for something and I know this is something we can all relate on. This is something we all can understand that there are times in life where we’re wanting something to happen. And it doesn’t happen. And this process can be elongated and can be taken longer and it just to be stretched out and it can be a very frustrating time.

When were waiting on God for an answer?

And during these times it’s very easy. It’s very susceptible to become discouraged. To become discouraged in the waiting. So what are we supposed to do while we’re waiting? What are we supposed to do in those times when we’re just waiting on God and seeing well that really is a question between having a good waiting experience and a bad waiting experience having experiences infused with hope that actually produces results and one that is lacking in Courage, which destroys hope which then prevents you from walking in the fullness God has for you. Cuz obviously you cannot go through this life without facing troubles Jesus even promised that in John chapter 16 13. It says these things I have spoken to you that you that you to you in the you may have peace in the world you have tribulation, but take courage. I have overcome the world. I’ve spoken these things to you. So that in me you may have peace in the world you have tribulation, but take courage. I have overcome the world. We’re going to have tribulations in this life. There are things that are going to happen in life that we do not like Can I get an amen? All right, you still awake? Things that will happen things that will occur that don’t sit right with you and you can sit back in that mindset and become self-absorbed and say, you know, we we both kind of done this from time to time. We throw ourselves a pity party and nobody joins us. We asked lots of people to join us in our pretty party, but nobody else wants to join us in our pity party. So we’re just kind of Alone by ourselves ourselves. Does not produce any good results. Think about it does when you are feeling sorry for yourself and putting yourself. Does that actually produce any good benefit? It doesn’t doesn’t. So why do we allow ourselves to fall into these traps and it get to this place where we think? Yeah. Chucky

No, no, we we got to get to the place where we understand that there is a process to this.

We don’t like to hear this but waiting is actually part of the process to develop our character.

You see when you have to wait for something with anticipation. It actually builds the worth of the answer. Think about that. The more you have to wait for something the more value it appears to have. You want proof of that? Just look at a kid who gets everything they want whenever they want. Do they value it? There’s no value know if you give a kid. $60,000 sports car on their 16th birthday and they wreck it and you give them another one a couple months later what you think it’s going to happen to that one? Probably the same thing right when you wage and you have anticipation it builds the worth of that. What you looking for?

But there’s a little comforting that when you’re in the middle of process when you’re in the middle of the muck and you’re feeling yeah, you know, what God’s trying to develop your character. That’s not what you want to hear. It’s the truth, but that’s what you want to hear. You want to hear the answers. I am going to get out of this. I want to know why this happened to me. You know what I want to say this.

We should stop asking the question. Why? And start asking the question. What k? What does God want to bring out of this? What does God want to create in me now? That is better than what I had before. Instead of looking to say okay. Yeah this you know, we’ve all been there God. Why is this happening God? Why is this happening? Why I will be completely honest with you there. There’s a reason for everything happening. however

You might not know that reason this side of Heaven. There’s a very strong possibility that you will never understand. The reason why on this side of Heaven.

But that’s not the point. The point is not to understand why things happened is understand what God is going to do out of it. We have the worst. We love to quote it for all things work together for good for those who love God and are called according to his purposes so we can have faith to believe that whatever circumstance you’re going through. God is going to bring his best out of it.

That’s where the statement of peaches comes in. You know what I don’t know how you’re going to do with God. I don’t know what’s going to happen here. I just know that you are going to do it. She in the Bible gives us lots of reference.

So, how did you deal with it? This. Of time Romans? 12:12 says rejoice in Hope persevering and tribulation devoted to prayer. Rejoice in Hope K know that this world is not the be-all-and-end-all K there. There are better things coming. There are things coming all the time and God’s plans and the comes in a stick to it in this where you just saying, you know what I’m putting my nose to the grindstone. I’m going to get through this. I’m going to learn what I can from it. I’m going to be better because of it and it’s easy to say, it’s totally another thing to do. I understand that. But that’s why we are called to do it together. So when one falls down he has a brother or sister who can pick them up. Okay, and that’s why building relationships is so important and that’s why I’ve been stressing. It’s so much for the last few years is when you are in relationships with people then you have that area where you can go to them and say, you know what? I’m I’m I’m struggling this. Can you pray with me? Can you help me when you have that relationship already there stablished you not have a place to do it in this comes on. You might say why don’t have those relationships. Well, we want to provide them for you. How do we do that? Number one, one of the best ways to doing as get involved in the Home Group K Sunday morning is not the best time to build relationships. That’s not his Focus. The church does extraneous events. Where are you going to vote in the homegroup? You come to some other and you build relationship get together with people over coffee do things outside. Enjoy it.

Isaiah 30:18 says therefore the Lord longs to be gracious to you and therefore he waits on high to have compassion on you and the Lord is a God of Justice. How blessed are those who long for him? 2nd Peter 3:8 says do not let this one fact Escape your notice you love it that with the Lord one day is a thousand years and A Thousand Years is as one day. There’s one just cracks me. It’s funny because if God ever if you ever ask God a question, and he tells you I’ll tell you tomorrow.

That could be a thousand years away. It really good. You’re not going to live a thousand years. You ain’t never got to get the answer this out of heaven. That’s why I think God always talks about Seasons. Okay, instead of God talking about Daisy off and talks about Seasons. We’re okay in the next season. This is going to happen in the next this is going to happen because the season is something we can relate to. Thanks a day and our day in his days don’t line up. They don’t match.

Psalms 27:14 says wait for the Lord be strong and Let Your Heart Take courage. Yes, wait for the Lord. It’s kind of what I want to focus on today with the time we have left. Is to take courage.

You see when hope is removed. discouragement can easily set in Where the enemy attacks is by defeating your courage?

Like going after your hope.

She and this is something. I I really feel. It went when I look into the spiritual realm when I see you with the enemy is doing I think this is his predominant weapon of choice right now. I believe the enemy is doing everything in his power to bring discouragement upon the people of God. Now that being said, this is not a new weapon. It’s not a new strategy. He’s uses time and time again to the history of the church since the beginning of time and even probably before that. He has his understanding to know that if he can attack. the hope of a person to destroy the hope He has to destroy the courage is when you look at the word discourage you break it down. What is it actually look like. discouraged discourage actually means to remove courage. So if you discourage someone from doing something you are actually removing the courage from them to do it. Now. What is courage mean? Courage through this definition, but courage is the determination to do what God has called you to do. How can we think of Courage is? Okay, you have a firefighter or you have a police officer or soldier in an army? All those are courageous people. They do courageous things, right?

I’ll tell you the most courageous thing you can do in life. Is to do what God has told you to do. That is the most courageous thing you can do.

Courage is to do what God has called you to do. It’s when you get that ability to stick to Danna swisha. You know what I’m going to do this no matter what? God has told me to do this. I’m going to do it.

when the enemy comes in Any tries to bring discouragement? by removing courage he does this in many different ways. She can do it.

True the people around you. Okay. And for this reason we we do have to watch what we say when we talk cuz I can tell you whether or not you mean it or not. The enemy can use your words to bring discouragement to another person. You may not intend it you may not mean it but the enemy can do that. and I have a very simple rule about this is would you say something? And a tribute what you’re saying to Jesus saying it? Orchard the enemy saying it that’s the only choices they can’t be a third choice either what you say is inspired by God or since fired by the enemy. You said what about me? Well, guess what?

You got to choose a side either this side of this side. You don’t get to make your own side and say yeah. I’m on my own side over here over here outside your on the enemy side.

This is something when we talked about discouragement, every single one of us will face is from time and time again gay pastors are not excluded from this pastors. Don’t get to the place where I have never felt discouraged. No guess what is a pastor? I feel discouraged several times all the time. Sometimes it comes against me. I get discouraged when I invest into somebody with hundreds of hours in Austin to get up and leave. Okay, that’s discouraging I get discouraged this morning. I’ll tell you if something happened I go to look at my sermon. I go to import it into the system. I click the button it all goes blank. Everything in my message goes blank. It’s not there anymore. That’s discouraging. Okay, when you put 10 hours into something and all the sudden, it’s gone. It’s like yeah, that’s discouraging. I was just last night for those of you were here. We were showing a video of Christian comedians. Somebody got in there was not a Christian. I preview this video three times. It wasn’t there when we showed live there stuff that we should not be have been in there. I get discouraged by that cuz I’m like, that should not happen.

The enemy will attack any way he can Weatherby through people through circumstance through your work through relationships the most powerful way. He can attack you see those who are closest to you. Okay. That’s why the the husband-wife relationship is so critical. Okay, because that it that’s the closest relationship here and I suppose you can actually be the one who brings encouragement or discouragement to your spouse. And you can do both at the same time. Sounds strange, but when you’re open to that relationship when you have that opening you have a greater height and ability Joshi speaking to that person’s life. So you have to be ever more careful of the words you use around people even if you don’t intend it to be wrong, even if you don’t intend it to be hurtful. You have to really question. Can I say this in a way that will encourage them? And I know it’s are hard. I know it’s Our intention to always be encouraging even to one another in this church, but even things can be said in jest which really discourage us. I’ll give you this example just this week. I had somebody this church coming and I she told me straight-out. I wish we had a different pastors a church.

That rips me apart. I know it was said in jest. I know that they didn’t mean it. But it is a very hurtful thing. Now just so you know. God wired me a little different than most people. Okay when the enemy attacks and I can recognize the enemies attack in certain situations.

Something really weird happens in me. I get excited.

I do and you don’t you make sure that that’s weird like when someone says something hurtful, don’t you get hurt? No, because I have a little different perspective and that’s this. I know that there’s an enemy. I know that the enemy is limited in what he can do K. I know God is unlimited and what he can do, but I know the enemy is very limited in what he can do. So when the enemy chooses to focus his guns on you is because he’s afraid of what you’re going to do.

So when you feel the suppressor in this attack upon you realize it’s because the enemy is afraid of you. He’s scared of what you’re going to do. That’s all he’s doing everything he can to prevent. It just stopped at to bring discouragement to bring you down to a place where you don’t feel it anymore where you don’t want to do it, but the truth is this.

He is afraid of you.

The enemy is afraid. So anytime I feel the talking. I’m like, okay chalk one up on the mark there. I must be doing something right. I must be doing something good. I often get afraid when I don’t feel the enemies attacks cuz then I’m like, okay. I must be missing out on something. I must not be doing something right because I’m not a threat to the enemy. Let’s look at this when we talk about this.

Wii U R I get this Vision right that this concept in a walking around through life which is walking there and we know that hurt even more

People we have to realize. as a Christian you are on the front line of the biggest battle that is ever taken place in the history of mankind.

When the enemy attacks she’s attacking to steal kill and destroy.

We need to come to the place and recognize it when bad things happen. It’s because there is a bad devil. When bad things happen is because there is an evil one who desires evil to take place on this Earth. And God in his wisdom has put us on the front lines to stop that from happening.

One of my favorite passage of scripture 2nd Corinthians 10:3 to force is this where though? We walk in the flesh. We do not war according to the flesh for the weapons of our Warfare are not of the flesh but divinely powerful for the destruction of fortresses other versions say strongholds. So we got to ask yourself the question. What is a fortress? What is a stronghold? Well, yeah. She answers that in the next passage. He says we are destroying speculations of every lofty thing raised up against the knowledge of God and we are taking every thought captive to The Obedience of Jesus Christ. So what is a stronghold simply put this is this is my definition of the people may have other definitions. That’s alright, but my definition of a stronghold is this something that you believe in your mind that does not line up with the will of God. That’s a strong hold. The enemy will come in and convince you of certain things that are not true but convinces you of the truth of it. So you start believing in that lie and when you believe and not lie. Lie is now empowered to bring destruction into your life. Before you believe that lie it can’t touch you. It can’t do anything to you. But when you accept that lie as truth you now Empower it to carry out its purposes and its purpose in your life every why it’s a steal kill and destroy.

Now what when we look at how powerful this the statement is.

In Mark 645 it says in Jesus said to them a prophet is not without honor except in his hometown and among his own relatives in his own household. And it then goes on saying he could do no Miracles there except that he laid his hands on a few sick people and then healed them. We have the account of the same story in the Book of Matthew Chapter 13 58 and it’s and he did not do many miracles there because of their unbelief. Unbelief is a very critical aspect that can actually deny the creator of Heaven and Earth from carrying out his will here on Earth.

And there is a huge difference.

Between knowing something in your head and knowing it to be true in your heart. UCR culture the North American culture we have very much a and a desire to attain knowledge so we can know things we understand things and it’s all in our heads.

But it doesn’t become real. It doesn’t become powerful until it becomes real here in your heart. Let me give you a just a quick and analogy on this quick reference. As long as I can remember, I’ve always believed in healing. I’ve always believed that God heals. Look for the first 20 years of ministry or so, we would see sporadic healings. We would see a healing happened here is healing happened. They’re not really all the time. I knew that it was happening one of the best stories that I love telling this but we would do these Good Friday healing services and we had this lady from the community come in and she can come up for prayer and she was playing with her and she said yeah, you know what I have cancer. I’m going in for surgery later this week for them to remove it. Can you pray? And back in those days. I was I would just give these big long prayers that would just kind of blow you away. Right or lets them longer on louder. I pray the more likely God’s going to do something right doesn’t work that way. But I just felt this peace come over me in that moment and I just felt beyond anything that she was going to be killed by. I just knew it in my heart. She’s going to be healed is gone from my head to my heart and came to this place in and I just prayed a simple prayer like God just cleanse the cancer from her body make everything right? And could I never heard from this lady until a year later? A year later, she came back to her Good Friday healing service and she walks in and she comes up to me and she says do you remember me? Honestly, I don’t remember who you are. And she was well a year ago. I came up for prayer for cancer. And you prayed over me should when I went in for surgery. They opened me up and discovered that all the cancer was gone. There is no cancer inside my body and I’m like, why did you wait a year to tell me this would have been good. But anyway for me it was it was a earmark of understanding. It was no longer convincing god of what needed to happen. It was now coming to a place of just acknowledging and coming into agreement with god of what he wanted to do. So now when I pray for people it’s not the the the studious prayer of just getting there and guard your words like God doesn’t need to be reminded of what he said. Get that what God is looking for is people who will come into agreement with him that his will will be done on Earth as it is in heaven. That’s what he’s looking for. Just looking for people. You don’t need any special skill Talent ability. You just need to be willing to come into agreement with God. And the more people that come into agreement with God the more things happen, right?

So when you have a stronghold in your life. When you have something that is going on that you believe something to be true when it’s not. That gives cause inability for the enemy to work his will in your life. So one of the things I do as part of my my my daily routine is when I’m praying with God, I will ask him to this place where I say God. Reveal anything in my heart or in my mind right now that I believe. That doesn’t line up with what you believe. And then I will just sit there and wait. And I will just see what he brings to my heart. And if you bring something to the surface, I just repent of it. Oh my God, I believe that you believe that I Repent of it help me not to believe it anymore. It is like the century and Prairie came up and she said yes, I believe but help my unbelief, right?

Should you lease I just look at it being a self-diagnostic right where I’m am continually looking is there some area in my life? Is there something that I’m believing to be true that is not actually true. And then deal with it when you learn to take this process where it will go there will be times where God brings things to the surface that you don’t want to deal with.

But God is a perfect gentleman. He only brings up to the surface the things that you’re prepared to deal with in that moment that you have the ability to deal with it might be a struggle and might be a challenge.

But deal with it. No, I need to put a little cabin in here because a lot of times when especially when you talk about faith healers and things like this. If somebody doesn’t get healed, they always related back to issue of Faith. You don’t have enough face. That’s why you don’t get healed. Let me tell you. That is a very Elementary level of thinking. Okay. That’s so basic. That’s like saying okay. If someone doesn’t get healed, it’s must be a faith as you know, it does not have to be a faith issue. It could be if a tissue but it doesn’t have to be a faith issue how much Faith did Lazarus have

He was dead.

k yes without faith. It’s impossible to please God so faith is part of the equation. Yes without belief. with Jesus was limited by get this even without them believing he was still able to feel a few right that just tells you the gravity of the situation of how many people got killed and how many people did it because their answer was all he could do any Miracles. He just healed a few people here and there like we be like what you love your people and it’s like but Jesus did so much stuff. They just kind of discount you can do a lot here. Just steal the few people in just moved on but I just love the concept that Jesus raised the expectations right? When Jesus was there. He raised the expectations of the room and they were expecting great and marvelous things. So when your own life, do you want the strongholds? Do with the things that set you back, but just to reiterate their there are many reasons why. God’s answer does not come right away. Okay. I want to share on this and I don’t know when I’ll get into this but There are many reasons why I’ve come up to it. I think the last count I on my list is like 9 or 12 something like that of reasons why God doesn’t answer prayer. Like one of the most obvious ones come see us in the Book of Daniel where Daniels praying he’s fasting. He’s. And the answer doesn’t come it doesn’t, doesn’t come and then finally when the answer comes an angel delivers that says well, I was being held up by the Demonic forces and I had to wait for an archangel to come and do battle for me so I can come and deliver the message. Okay, so there is precedence for the answer to that God is sending cannot be delivered because demonic activity is preventing you from coming down.

That’s not a thief tissue. Okay, that’s a spiritual warfare issue. So there are different reason. So, please please please if you’re trying to receive healing or you need a miracle you need a job or you need whatever that you feel God needs to answer that is not coming. Faith may be an issue but it does not have to be the issue. There’s too many other things that could be causing it and part of it is still learning the process of okay, what do I need to do in here to find out what actually is in that that’s something I want to do is it is a church. We want to work through these things because a lot of you know, you were here during the time but year and eighteen months ago or so. We went to just an amazing time of healings in this church right healing after healing was taking place at every Sunday people are getting healed and then we’re talking major things where we’re seeing great powers and the thing that really spoke to me in in I have the faith to believe that if a stranger came in and I pray for them. They would get healed. That was easy for me if I was walking down the street and I saw somebody who I didn’t know. I knew if I pray for them to get healed. Okay.. Just was the norm. At the same time. We had a number of people in our own church who were killed during that. Of time. And I’m like why why is that not happening? Why are we not seeing this and I believe it’s because God wanted to reveal something greater to us that we need to understand and it takes time to actually learn it. Okay, so I still believe every person in this place and he’s healing is going to receive it. But I also believe that we need to learn something through the process so that we take what we learn and we can pass it on to everybody else. Because there are reasons why and we can sit there and say he’ll like I’ll say this I’ll declare this. I really do not believe it’s God’s will that anybody be sick the anybody needs a miracle that anybody needs it like a lot of people say, okay. It’s God’s will know if you want to understand what God’s will is the only place on Earth where God’s will was carried out perfectly was the Garden of Eden. That is the only time we’re humans were on the Earth where God carried out his will perfectly on Earth. When humans screwed up when we messed up and we brought sin into the world and everything got corrupted. And now God is in the process of bringing things back. Remember the Lord’s Prayer. Die kingdom come thy will be done on Earth as it is in heaven. God wants his will be done on Earth just like it is in heaven.

Let me see that again. God wants his will be done on Earth as it is in heaven. Right, we all agree with that. We all agree that Jesus told us this prayer to pray because he wanted to answer it. Right. God would not tell us to pray a prayer without wanting to answer that prayer right? We’re on the same page. So God wants things now. Let me ask you this question. Is there sickness in heaven? Is there a disease in heaven? Is there a lack in heaven? So does God want any of those things to exist here? He doesn’t. He does not it is not in his will so we got to get past this. Mine said that when something is happening. Where were your sick or whatever where we have need a miracle or we need for vision. Whatever it is. We need to stop believing that it’s God’s will that were in this place? It’s not God’s will. Whose will is it? the enemies who came to steal kill and destroy and when you recognize your battle is not against God, but your battle is actually against the enemy then you can start winning the battle.

But if you keep sitting there blind and say God, why don’t you do this? Why don’t you just why don’t you hear me away when you’re battling God?

But when you can sit down and say, okay. I’m going after the one who actually caused this.

That’s when you can start seeing victory in your prayers. So I believe a big shift needs to take place in our thinking and I did I believe this is a strong hold it in a lot of Christians today.

Is that we believe? That it’s God’s will for us to be going to the situation. We’re in.

If you’re going through something tough and difficult, it’s God’s will we can justify it saying? Yeah, we knew what God is going to help me learn through this cuz going to keep me humble.

Let’s stop assigning. Bad things happening to God. Jesus came to give life and to give it abundantly. the enemy came to steal kill and destroy Let’s recognize where the blame belongs.

And then let’s start going after it.

I’ve been hesitant to get into this over the years, but I think it’s time. I really think it’s time that we learn how to do spiritual warfare. I think it’s time. We learn how to pray effective prayers that actually pull down the strongholds of the enemy. Where we start walking in the fullness and they bunnies that God has for us where we stopped and we we we acknowledged that you know what bad things happened on this Earth, but that doesn’t mean God wants to leave them that way.

God wants the challenge that God wants to make it right. If for some strange reason that I have yet to figure out. He’s chosen to do it for you and me.

chosen us

To make it right? But we’re not on our own.

Jesus sent the Holy Spirit so that when the Holy Spirit comes upon us and works through US guess what’s happens? Oh, you know what happens? God’s will happens

just because we can’t see the battle with the eyes doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist.

if the enemy can discourage you you will be unable to do what God is calling you to do. the challenge Deuteronomy 31-6 be strong and courageous do not be afraid or tremble at them for the Lord. Your God is the one who goes with you and he will not forsake you that same message has reiterated to Joshua and 1/9 says Have I not commanded you be strong and courageous? Do not tremble or be dismayed for the Lord your God is with you wherever you go.

Be courageous stand strong recognize that there’s an enemy who is defeated. And the only power and authority he has is that which you give him?

Jesus said all authority has been given to me who holds all the authority. Jesus if Jesus holds all authority how much Authority does Satan have? None, it’s a simple math equation. Right if all is over here, that means none is over here.

But Satan has Authority in areas that we give him Authority. By believing his lies by believing the things that he puts down. We actually give the authority because if you want to look at how it works. Jesus has all authority he gave us authority to the church the body of Christ. So we now have the authority. The only place it and can get Authority is from. us That’s the only place. And he gets authority to us believing his lies rather than God’s truth. I hope you can understand that. I hope you can can grasp that.

because it really comes down to

You can not do what Cod has called you to do without being strong and courageous.

Courage it was what gives you the ability to do what God has called you to do. And it’s his strength in us which allows us to Have Courage. That’s why it says be strong and courageous courageous comes after the strength. It’s his strength in us that allows us to be courageous. How many people want to be courageous stand up? Stand up you’ve been sitting too long. This preacher went on and on and on.

I want you to do something fun. I want you to raise your sword take a sword raise it up.

And I want you to repeat after me. I I am strong and courageous.

I will do the will of the father.

through the strength of the Holy Spirit I will not be dismayed. But I will be strong and mighty in the Lord.

amen, amen

Well, thank you for being here today. We have a very special you can be sit down at your table. So whoever.


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