On February 24, 2019 Pastor Shawn shared with Kingdom Way Church in Edmonton the message “How does an all powerful “good” God allow evil and suffering”

Do you know this question is the leading cause of atheism in the world? You can’t become an atheist looking at the amazing creation of this world and time and space. You can if you’re told God is the cause of the evil and suffering in the world. Don’t give God credit for the one who comes to steal, kill and destroy. Learn why this world is in a mess and what we can do to bring more of heaven to earth.

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For Christ is the Lord of your heart always being ready to make a defence to everyone who asked you to give an account for the hope that is in you yet with gentleness and reverence.

We are commanded in scripture to be ready to answer questions that people ask now that being said people may I ask you a question that you don’t have an answer for that? It’s okay to say you know what? I don’t know the answer to that. I’m going to research it and I’m going to figure it out and then I’ll get back to you. Okay? It’s okay to do that. Don’t ever feel. You have to give an answer when you’re not ready to give an answer, but also on the other side don’t be afraid to allow the Holy Spirit to speak to you in that moment to give an answer.

I can’t tell you the number of times when people ask me a question. I’ve answered it without knowing the answer. Does that sound a little strange? But when the Holy Spirit when you make yourself available to the HolySpirit the holy spirit will speak to you and he will give you everything you need todo to answer that question. This question we’re dealing with today. How does an all-powerful good God allow evil and suffering. This question is actually been asked for thousands of years. Okay.

We we have evidence of this going right back to the 3rd century to the Greek philosopher Epicurus. He lived between 341 and 270 BC. Now, this is one of his boats you said is God willing to prevent evil but not able. Then he is not omnipotent if he is able but not willing then he is malevolent if he’s both able and willing. Then whence comes evil is neither able or willing then why call him God? So here we have Epicurus or

How do you pronounce the Greek name from 3000 years ago 2000 years ago, but between evil. Disbelief in God. Okay, so he saw evil existed. He already had a disbelief in God and he decided I’m going to connect these two together to count to get some evidence or proof to why I believe God doesn’t exist. But when you look at this,

If you were to read this statement from him, how many would be comfortable right now? And this is for my own curiosity. How many of you would be comfortable to answer his question? Just have a rebuttal to what he is saying how many people here would be honest enough to say, you know what I could answer that.

Okay, that’s opening. Okay good topic today. Then. We’re on Mark when you look at this at at first glance. You say wow, baby that has some Credence to it. Maybe it actually means something. Maybe it’s something thatI need to check out.

The question is ultimately answering answering here is how can an all-powerful good God allow evil and suffering? How can that happen?Well, let me answer that for you.

Free Will

Thanks for coming out today. I hope you enjoyed the sermon. Hope you enjoyed the message. We’re done. You want more details? Do you want more understanding? An answer to this is Free Will. Okay. That is what it sums it up.

If you want to know why God allows evil and suffering. The answer is free will but they still not you got to go a little bit deeper for a lot of people so we can take the time to do that. And in order to understand where this is coming from you really got to get a better understanding of the nature of God who God is he has one thing to pull up one characteristic of God. So God is good. God is all-powerful pull those two characters. Don’t put them together and then make this this is the kind of the answer the thinking it has been brought out of this is very early thought and what a lot of people today kind of agree with Fish And non-believers atheist.

Love this they they they scooped it up but the thinking goes like this God is all-powerful so he could destroy evil and prevent suffering. The next statement isGod is good. So he would want to destroy evil and suffering. And the third evil and suffering exist. So the good all-powerful. God does not exist.

Sounds like logical thinking doesn’t it?

But it is so fundamentally flawed. You may look at that. And so yeah, that makes sense ABCD but you forgot about 8.1 a point to 8.3 + 8.7 voice like there’s so much information that they are just totally ignoring. To come to this conclusion. Let me give an example. This is how I could just push that freeze and make it sound more relevant. Barbers know how to cut hair Barbers like cutting hair people with longhair exist. So Barbers do not exist.

It’s a kind of silly of a statement that is we recognize that will that is word for word the same now.

I know we’re taking out all-powerful and all-knowing but a barber knows how to cut hair and barber doesn’t have to know how to cut everything to know that he can cut hair. So the ability to do it it when we looking to break it down at some common terms. We understand it’s an absolutely ludicrous statement.

God is all good. God Is all-powerful

So if you take those two characteristics then evil should not exist and since evil does exist. Therefore. God does not exist. Its exact same line of arguments.

So in order to understand this to build a counter this we must get a bette r understanding of God. No in your notes, I’ve listed 15 characteristics of God. Now, these are not complete list. This is just 15 things that we can talk about who got is this is all coming from scripture. This is coming from telling us. Okay. This is what God says he is and as a Believer, we believe that the word of God is true.

Now if you don’t believe the word of God is true this is argument is not for you. Okay? What we are attending today is to break this open for people who are believers who believe the word of God is true. And this is how we’re going to come to an answer on who he is. Now we can spend a lot of time on each. One of these God is infinite God is immutable God is self sufficient. God is omnipotent. God is omniscient. God is omnipresent now just break those down a bit – omnipotent just means he’s all-powerful omniscient means he’s all knowing. Omnipresent means he’s everywhere. this listen go on and on and on and I put these in your notes for a reason is I think it would be a very good practice for each one of us just to spend some time this week looking at each of these characteristics of God and saying okay if this is you and I put a scripture verse without that you can look at and take the time just to pray over and say God if you are all-powerful What does that mean to the situation I find myself in now. I’m Listen to What God Says to you during this time. Listen to what he speaks to your heart because he’s going to get individual and he’s going to get specific he’s going to deal with things that are important to you.

From a Pulpit I can’t do that. I can’t do with every single one of your individual issues and say okay if God is omnipotent. If God is all-powerful that means he has the power to fix this specific situation in your life. I’d love to be able to do that with each of you, but I can’t But you can do that withGod. You can sit down and soak on “God you’re all-knowing.”

What is that mean to the situation I find myself in right now. God if you’re 

Do you know the answer to my question? I’ll obviously yes if he’s all knowing. He knows the answer to your question. Next question then is God of you willing to share that information with me. I’m pretty sure he is so we can take the time we can listen to God hear what he knows and then we will know what he knows. And he will give you that specific answer. So this is just kind of an exercise for us to go through individually and say, okay. God is good. What does that mean to me? God is just what does that mean? God is merciful god is gracious. God is loving God is holy. God is glorious. All of these attributes of God make up a portion of who he is.

And that is the end of my message. Wow. Interesting. Okay, we’re going to go offthis lights. Okay, let’s flip to the next slide.

That is very very interesting. Doing that repeats of God now leads us to the next point of understanding who God is and how does he relate to our situation? The premise of our statement is God is good. God is all-powerful. If God is all good and all-powerful then evil should not exist.

The problem is evil does exist. So we’re in the equation. Does it fall that God is here now. I want to say this right off the top. There is coming a day when God is going to eradicate evil. Okay, that is coming.There is a day coming when there will be no more sorrow no more sadness. None of those things that we would cause called evil or call wrong or call anti-god whatever none of those things will exist at one point. There is coming a day whereGod is going to judge and those things are going to be taken care of. For the time we are in right now. It’s kind of a holding pattern. We’re at we’re at this place where God came down and gave us what we needed. To deal with the process of being restored fully back to him. And it’s not something that you just started.Okay, let’s just flipped the switch and now everybody’s back in relationship. No because of free will not really answer this question. We got to come and go back to the beginning of time.


and I want to say let’s just remember these two facts about God and dealing with this specific question. God is good. But God is also just.

Why do I say that now while I’ll pull it back in later to show you how it all fits together, but God is good.And God is just these two things are not opposing. They actually fit together perfectly when they are done in perfection. Can you imagine having a judge who was not good? Think about that for a moment. If you were to stand before a judge and that was not a good judge, would you want to be under his judgment? I would hope not know but because we have a good God who can judge perfectly.Now we have a better understanding. But let’s go back to the Garden of Eden Genesis 1:31.

God saw that all he had me and behold it was very good and there was evening and morning and there was a Six-Day. Everything God made was good. We have to remember this. Okay, everything God made was good. foundational theGarden of Eden When Adam and Eve were placed in the Garden of Eden, that was the only time on Earth where God’s will was carried out perfectly. It is the only time on Earth where what God wanted to happen happened. Now. We don’t knowhow long of a. This was. We don’t know how long Adam and Eve live before they eat the apple, but that. Of time when he placed them in the garden and right up to the point where they ate the apple the Earth was in perfect state. It was exactly how God wanted it to be.

So the obvious question. Genesis, 2:17.

From the Tree of knowledge of evil you shall not eat for in that day. You will eat and you will surely die.

So God made Eden you made it perfect. He made a good everything and it was good completely and then she went and did something a little bit strange you put one thing in the garden called the tree of knowledge of Good and Evil he put this tree in the garden and he said you can eat from any tree in the garden except this one tree. A little strange, isn’t it? A little strange that God put something in there and then told him not to use it. Like this is something that still goes on today with us. It’s like well, why don’t we use it? If God created it right like why it’s kind of the classic argument with marijuana if God created marijuana. Why should we use it? What God created things that we weren’t supposed to use?

The tree of knowledge of Good and Evil is the first example of that he created the tree but it was set out. Now we Adam and Eve knew this wasn’t a surprise to them when they ate the apple Genesis 3:2 says the woman said to the server it from the fruit of the Trees of the garden. We may eat. Okay, but we may not eat of the tree of the knowledge of Good and Evil so Eve knew that they were supposed to eat of this and yet we we know the story we know what happened.

The devil who is cunning and deceptive and took the words that God said and twisted them enough that Adam and Eve believed what he was saying and they rebelled against God by doing the one thing in the garden that they weren’t supposed to do. There’s only one thing they weren’t supposed to do and they did it.

Everything else was good for them to do. Not a question that might come up at this time in a lot of people. May I ask it will why did God even put the tree of knowledge of Good and Evil in the garden? Why don’t you just leave that tree out of the equation and we all be living in Paradise forever? We would have never had to go through any of the things we’re going through. We would have all just been living in Eden for all of eternity and we’ve none of us would have ever died.

There’s an issue with that. There’s an issue with that belief and that’s this.

Ask yourself this question. Do you really have a choice?

If the only choice you have to do is good. If you can only do good and you can never choose to do evil. Do you really actually have a choice?

I don’t believe you do. I don’t believe you actually have a choice unless you can choose between good and evil, if you only have to choose between better better better. That’s not a choice right that there’s no consequence and that there’s no a pretty there’s not nothing that would hold you back. So honestly, the reason whyGod put the tree of the knowledge of Good and Evil in the garden is so that Adam and Eve would have a choice to either follow God or disobey God. It was a choice he gave them and it’s in that choice that we find free will It’s free will that exist and God wants us to have free will. How do you say well, why do we need free will why don’t we just walk around but like a bunch of robots doing what we have todo. Let me ask you this question.

How would you feel? If the person who loves you whether this be a spouse or your child or or you someone you’re dating whatever the situation how would you feel? If they had to love you.

If they had to love you if they didn’t have a choice. They had to love you. They couldn’t choose between not loving you and loving you they had to love you. How did that make you feel about your love? How many would enjoy that type of relationship? Nobody’s putting your hand up, right because part of the joy of Love is that it’s a choice right love has to be found it in a choice to be able to love or not to love. if you choose to love all of a sudden that makes it so much better, but doesn’t it make you feel good that you’re supposed loves you because they want to Yes, she’ll be shaking your there special you men all right, it feels good to know that someone loves you out of their choice. In fact, I would actually say that you can’t love without Choice K-LOVE Houston vultures. Otherwise, it’s just law and it’s just the way it is you have to have the choice in the matter. So when God place the tree of knowledge of Good and Evil in the garden so that Adam and Eve could exercise their free will it gave them an opportunity to accept God or reject him?

You know what? It could cuz love cannot be forced. Love has to be chosen. You have to choose to love for love to actually operate. Now God’s love for his creation obligated him to give us free will. It’s outside of himself to actually control. Because God is love. So whatever God creates has to have the ability to choose because of his nature because God is love.

So God how to give Adam and Eve an opportunity to reject him. He had to is part of his nature of Love. They had to have the auction. That auction came in the form of a tree. It came in the form of a tree with fruit on it and a simple command that God said you could do whatever you wanted except for you can’t do this one thing. You can’t eat from the tree or the fruit of this tree.

Was there anything intrinsically evil or wrong about this tree? And I don’t believe so. What made that tree? What it was is the words that God spoke over. God said you can do whatever you want except this one thing. You can’t do this one thing.

Now did God want them to eat from that tree?

Some people think that God set them up, right? I’ve heard that. Mentioned to me before we’re God’s set them up. Again, when you understand the nature of God, you understand God cannot even do that. God can’t contradict himself.He can’t say don’t do this and expect them to do it. Okay, that would go againstGod’s very nature.

God being loved gave Adam and Eve the opportunity to reject him. And they took that opportunity. They rejected God. They do the one thing they should not have done now what was result of this? What happened as a result of Adam and Eve rejecting God when we know firsthand that they were kicked out of the garden that God put an angel at the front gate preventing them to actually go back in it.We know that now they had to go out into the world and then live but here’s the major things that happened number one was a loss of righteousness. The Bible tells us that they became aware of their own nakedness and they knew that their former Perfection was just a memory. Because of this Disobedience mankind now stands guilty is sins because of what Adam and Eve did. You seeing this loss of righteousness? transcends generation to generation

You know, it’s looking at if you lose something and then you have a kid your kid doesn’t all of a sudden get that back. If you’ve lost it. They’ve lost it too and lost all the generations down the line. We we see how that’s happened. And that’s exactly what has happened with sin. Because we lost the righteousness. So we had nothing to pass on to the next generation.

Number to we had a separation from God. Previously Adam and Eve walked and talked with God in the garden as as friends would walk and talk. That’s how the relationship Adam and Eve had with God. But because of their sin they were separated. They were kicked out of the garden and they no longer have that relationship with God. Has descendants of Adam. We now entering the world separated from God when we’re born were separated.

We’re separate Ephesians 3 or 2 versus 1 2 3 says and you were dead in your trespasses and sins and which you formally walked into according to the course of the world according to the prince of the power of the error of the spirit that is not working in the sons of Disobedience among them we to formerly lived in the lust of the flesh indulging the desires of the Flesh in the end of of the Mind. And they were by Nature children of Wrath even as a rest. So that it continued on our righteousness is gone. Our ability to be one with God should be in communication- that was lost. Certainly our environment was cursed. Genesis 3:17-18 reveals that. Man’s sin cause a curse against the ground resulting in trouble some thorns thistles and a change in the way the natural world works. The world was actually cursed.

This is where natural disasters and plagues and famines and all these things originated from God never intended any of these things to ever exist God never intended tornadoes hurricanes, believe it or not. I don’t believe God even attended snow to exist.

How can I say that?

Does he put Adam and Eve naked in the garden? If they were naked in the Garland, there’s no snow there. Just ask anybody who’s been outside in the cold.

Yeah, so the environment changed we’re told that When God created the world that he expected that there would be no death. Okay. So Adam and Eve would live forever on Earth and their bodies. For that to happen to the world would have been a much different place than what we have today. Now a lot of the changes that took place now is a result of the flood but one of the things that we can we can surmise from Biblical teaching theBible from Genesis how there was a permanent for a moment that divided the waters from the Earth and the Earth from the heavens. So there was actually a layer of water that surrounded the entire Earth.

That layer of water actually protected us from all the outside radiation and all those things so they have the ability to live longer and it’s really interesting that when the flood happened. Where did the water come from for the Bible tells us that it never rained before the flood. That was the first time it actually rained. So something happened where that firmament around the earth that layer of water. Became rain, it came down to the earth water levels Rose and things separated and all that. So the world we live in now is actually very different than the world that God created. There was a big change in our environment big things happened. When you look at the world we have right now and we look at the seasons. We look at the change. This wasn’t the way that God originally created it things have changed. number for a physical death

Genesis 3:19 tells us That now death came into the world. Now. The interesting fact here is where did the first Death happen? It was of the animals that got killed to give Adam and Eve clothing. That was the first first death before that death never even it was never part of God’s plan. God never intended death. So yes for those people who are vegetarians. Yes. We originally were created probably to be vegetarians because we went to eat animals because there was no death back then but after the fall sin created a physical death Adam was told that he would return back to the dust from where God created him. So we had a physical death.Number five is clothing. Now. This is a fun one Genesis 2:1. It says and God made garments of the skin of Adam and Eve after they sinned enough Adam and Eve disobeyed God their eyes were opened and they were became aware of their nakedness trying to cover up sewing fig leaves together.

How many of ever tried sewing fig leaves together?

Yeah. I got a challenge. That’s actually a fig tree right there. The leaves aren’t very big. So I think you have to be quite a lot of sewing but it didn’t work for them. So God ultimately make clothing out of animal skins for them. So those are five things that kind of happened to the world when Adam and Eve sinned it actually change the way. We live in it. Evil and suffering entered as a result of sin entering the world. Before sin there is no evil or suffering. after sin There was evil and suffering.

It was a direct result of the Fall that evil and suffering came in. We can’t blame this on God and this is one of the things that drives me crazy is is insurance companies when there is a natural disaster. What do they call it? An act of God?

No, it’s not. It is not an act of God.

God never wanted that to happen. God never plan that to happen. But somebody else did. Somebody else wanted that to happen. Sickness disease and natural disasters all evil things that you can listen to world came as a result of Adam and Eve sinning.

It’s in the destroyed this world. It’s sin that made this world respond the way it is. We can’t blame God for this because this was an act of man. Okay, it wasn’t an act of God. It was an active man. Now that I have too many of taking place thousands of years ago and we’re still suffering the results from it, but it was an act of man Adam and Eve are the ones who disobey God and bring about the Judgment upon them. so the obvious question that often comes up at this point is Why does God not just wipe out?What did you just do away with all the evil in the suffering? What is he just hit the reset switch and say okay. It’s all done. Well in reality he did. That’s what the cross is all about. That’s what the cross is a cross is the reset switch.

Now just like when you reboot a computer it takes time for that computer to reboot – you all with me on that. When you have a problem with your computer and you turn it off and you turn it on it takes time for it to restart up and get to the place where it wants to be. I would to just an example. Okay. So when Of time we are actually in a. Of time where God is transforming the world and us back the place was she originally intended. This goes back to the prayer that God Jesus told his disciples to pray the high Kingdom Come by will be done on Earth as it is in heaven.

So God wants the Earth back to the way he created it. That’s where his will was done perfectly. That’s where everything was done according to his will and now he wants that happening again. So does that mean God wants to make us with no snow ever again? I can’t answer that one. I don’t know.

There’s no cheers. There’s no crying, but you can have fun. Maybe you can create snow that she’s not cold. Yeah, you could do it I bet it really comes down to free will. God can’t just wipe it out guy can’t just do it all over again and he’s in the process of doing that. But for him to actually do it all at once and say okay now evil and sin is gone. He won’t have to eradicate free will. You would have to just eliminate free will all together to remove any evil and suffering. How do I say that?

Do you know somebody who’s ever done anything evil to you?

Anyone, yeah, you know people who do evil things.

They were able to do that because of choice. Because they chose to do it, youknow what is modern day and age, let’s get politically. Let’s have some fun.

We have the pro-life and pro-choice movement. Whoever said Choice was always good? Choice, you can choose to do the wrong thing. You can choose to do bad things.

You know what somebody who robs a bank has to make a choice to rob 
a bank?

Somebody who beats their spouse makes a choice to beat their spouse.

Somebody who yells at you and insults you make the choice to do it. Just because it’s a choice doesn’t make it right or wrong. It’s just as yes, you can choose between good or evil.

Just because our choices, doesn’t mean you make that choice. This is something that that we is is kind of lost in our society lost in our culture were like, yeah. Well as my choice do what I want. Yes, it’s your choice, but it doesn’t mean you should do it.

A choice is simply ability to to make a decision between right and wrong. making a choice

so God. the next part is that often people opening up is Well, why doesn’t God just intervene in this one specific case for me? Why doesn’t God just you know, what?Yeah, that’s the rest of the world go to hell but just for me right here

because God is just

God can’t be unjust. It’s not in his nature to be unjust. So he can only do what he does for everyone. So if God put a bubble around you and said no evil can come your way. Thank everybody.

He would have to do that for everyone because he’s just he’s bare. He doeseverything right?

So really looking at it is let’s just get back to the main part of this.

God give us free will so that we can choose between right and wrong. We chose wrong. We’re now suffering the result of that. When bad things happen it’s because of sin when evil is flourishing is because of sin is because people are choosing to do the wrong thing. God has placed us here as his people. He’s equipped us so that we can be the influence so that people will do the right thing and the only way people will do the right thing is if they have a relationship withGod You can’t legislate morality. Like a lot of people say well in Canada. We need a law that people are women cannot get abortions. No, we don’t.

Where do you have that law? 

It’s don’t kill. 

What we need is love. To deal with those who are making those decisions so that they make the right one. You know what I’m really praying hard for this is what I see is a solution to the problem right now in this moment. Is let’s pray as a church and as Christians everywhere. That not a single abortion worker will want to go to work. We will talk for a moment.Think about that for just for a moment if there was nobody who wanted to do that job.

Abortion would be eliminated. Abortion would be aborted it be gone.

There’s more than one way to bring it and I am thoroughly convinced. That legislating righteousness is just a temporary measure. It’s temporary. It does not actually get us to where we want to go. The only way we will get where we want to go as for God to change every heart one by one. That’s the only way it’s going to happen. So let’s quickly take a look at the cross. What are the cross do for us?well the first thing Is that he? And placed his righteousness upon us. Remember we lost our righteousness 2nd Corinthians. 5:21 says he made him who knew no sin to be sin on our behalf so that we might become the righteousness of God inhim. We lost our righteousness. But when Christ came and died he created a way in which his righteousness could be imparted to us. How much are you are grateful? how many of you are grateful that you have Christ’s righteousness instead of your own write your own righteousness is described by God as what filthy rags the best you can do on your own and nothing more the filthy rags, butChrist’s righteousness covers everything. How many are glad for that?

The next in Christ it is he removed the separation from God Romans 8:35-39

who will separate us from the love of Christ will tribulation or distress or persecution or famine or nakedness or Peril or sword just as it is written for your sake we are built we are being put to death all day long. We were considering a sheep to be slaughtered. But in all these things we overwhelmingly conquer through him who loved us bro. I’m convinced convinced neither death nor life nor angels nor principalities nor things present or things to come nor powers nor height nor depth nor any created think we’ll be able to separate us from the love of God, which is in Christ. Jesus our lord.

That needs an amen.

You see nothing can separate us from God now. Even though we separated ourselves when we come back to God and we were panting. We accept the gift ofJesus Christ gave nothing can separate us from his love. Nothing can separate us from God now. How’s that make you feel? A man. Yeah, it feels good. Yeah. Think about that for a moment. Come on. Just let that soak in.

You can talk to God whenever you want to talk to God now. You can talk to God right now. You can sit when you’re driving. You can talk to God you can have his presence. We’re with you all the time. Think about that think about that for a moment like that should blow our minds that really should be something that we should be cautious about every waking moment of every day of every hour of every minute of every second that God’s with me right now.

God’s with me right now in this moment. He’s here. I can be with him while I’m not separated. I’m with him. Then Jesus broke the curse has Galatians 3:13- 14

Christ redeemed us from the curse of the law, which has been a curse for us.Where is written cursed is everyone who hangs on a tree and order the Christ?

Maybe Jesus Christ Jesus The Blessing of Abraham might come to the Gentiles so that we would receive the promise of the spirit through faith.

Jesus broke the curses now there is an aspect of this. So we quite don’t understand. Because Jesus actually gave us the power to break the curse.Hirsch’s can still exist where we let them. Okay, where we allow a curse to exist it can exist even though Christ has given us the power to break that curse.

So this comes out to a whole new level we say well, what about natural disasters?

Can can we break that curse? Will you bring the Earth back? I actually believe we can actually believe we see evidence of this last hurricane season in the states.It’s really interesting, but they’re there were hurricanes ever coming directly forFlorida. And the people were praying and in the moment, they’re praying the hurricane actually turn direction and went back out and the timing was just too perfect to be anything other than God working. One of the best example is when you look at what you just did

Matthew 8:26-27 Then why are you afraid you men of little faith and he got up and rebuke the winds in the sea and it became perfectly calm and the men were Mason said, what kind of man is this?Even the winds in the sea? Obey him?

You know that I can’t say this defensively but I have a very high opinion of this is that those storms in those winds that were caused. We’re actually not a natural cause I believe that this was a demonic activity where the Demonic was trying to stir up the window the way it’s cuz they were trying to drown Jesus in the boat. Okay? That’s why I love Jesus getting up and sing guys. Why are you worried about this? Stop it and it stopped right? You should they were caught up in this situation in the circumstances. They overwhelm them Jesus saw the truth of the matter. He saw what was causing it. He knew that he had power over that and he dealt with it. I think the same thing holds true for us today when we know our Authority when we know who we are.We have the ability to look and things where the enemy is causing trouble where the enemy is stirring up things and we can speak into that situation and say stop.I rebuke you in the name of Jesus. We have that Authority within us the problem is most Christians don’t even know how to exercise it. They don’t even know how to work on it. It’s like we have this mentality or this that we’re just going in this natural world where bad things happen and we don’t recognize some of these bad things are happening or direct result of the enemy’s plans and intentions.And we have authority over those plans in the van intentions. God has given us the ability to Break Every curse.

He’s giving us the ability and coming to see a story on it, but the enemy continues to operate because we don’t stay in the authority that Christ has given us. a man Alright, so yes. grounding natural disasters physical death and wearing clothes should we all walk around naked?Not if you live in Canada does not work he say this is first deal with a physical death actually does tell us something in Hebrews 9:27 and says and it is much as it is appointed for man to die once after this comes to judgment. Okay. So one of the things I believe that the crossed did not negate is is the fact that I got to be careful how I say this because each one of us are still going to die one day unless price returns and ruptures and stop. There is a group of Christians back several of them. But one that kind of sticks of mine that they believed that they would never die that they would live forever. Well, they lost that debate when they died.

So it is appointed for us to die death is now part of the process the bodies that we havenow are corruptible. 1st Corinthians, 15 42

says and so they’re so is the resurrection of the dead it’s someone in a perishable body and is raised imperishable body. It’s showing weakness and racing power its own in a natural body and raised in a spiritual body. If there’s a natural body. There’s also a spiritual body. They are not going to last for eternity.

Anybody surprised you by that statement here? No, okay. We need new bodies. So there will come a time of death and those who are raptured their bodies Rush transformed and spiritual bodies in that moment. So yeah, we’re still going to see death is still going to happen. The death of Jesus gave power over was a spiritual death spiritual separation from God. We no longer have to fear being separated for him from him eternity will be made a live-in and this is also another component of it when we look at our body Soul and Spirit the bottles very clear that we are three part being that we are body. We are soul and we are Spirit the better way to actually phrase it is we are a soul and a spirit with a body K.

Looks like she probably more correct way to say it. We have a body we are a soul and a spirit. Our soul our spirit go on and it’s interesting that when Jesus resurrected us made us alive again, and he’s he’s talking this with Nicodemus.

How do I enter my mother’s womb how my born again? I kind of this happened and she said you got to be born in the spirit right? It’s your spirit. That is Reborn. Okay ,it’s not your physical body. That is reborn when you become a Christian you don’t all of a sudden start as a baby again start going. No. It’s actually your spirit within you that is reborn

Paul actually talks about how your your spirit is dead. Until you receive God’s life. So there are a lot of people walking around there with souls and a body and a dead Spirit. Okay, and I think that’s important for us to look at when we looking at people when you deal with somebody and they’re the most ornery difficult person you’re dealing with and you can’t figure out why they are so crazy. It’s cuz their spirit is dead.

And not been made alive in Christ yet.

 How would you respond in that situation?

Can you remember how you did before you met Christ? It’s actually a tangible thing. Okay, our spirit becomes alive in Christ a little wearing clothing. Well bubble doesn’t really say much about that. I’m just going to say please wear your clothes. Yahoo for all of our sakes and it’s cold out there.

I hope that kind of answers for you. How do you answer someone who says why does God allow evil and suffering? Sum it up.

because of free will 

Because God wants to give you the ability to choose between him and rejecting him and if there’s nothing for you to reject. It’s not even love.

I hope this gives you the confidence and then maybe it’s just enough for you.  Just Inspire more into looking. Okay, how do I figure this out? How do I go deeper into this? How do I understand this in two weeks? I want to start dealing with what are some barriers to us seeing will of God carry forth on Earth. What are the some of the things because everyone in this place knows what it’s like to have something that you’re waiting on God for whether it’s a healing Withers Financial provision where there’s restored relationship. We all have these things that were waiting and I will say this and I believe this completely Let’s just deal with sickness right now. I believe that God it’s his will that every sickness is healed? Okay. I also believe that there are barriers. The enemy has placed up that prevent that healing from actually manifesting itself.

When I believe we need to do is we need to discover what those barriers are and get them out of the way. So God’s will can be done. Instead of sitting back and saying okay, it’s not God’s will yet? Okay, maybe it’s not healed, but just not at this time.

Is that God wants to do it? God is Keen to do what he desires to do it more than you want it to be done. This involves every area of your life for your locking. Okay.God wants to meet that need more than you want it met. But there is an enemy.There is a devil. There is a spiritual force of wickedness that is doing everything it possibly can to prevent the will of God from being carried out on the Earth.

And it’s our job as Christians to make that Revelation knowing so that we see the enemy’s work defeated. And God’s will being done. That’s what it comes down to

I know this is one of these hour-long sermons and I know I cut out half of it just for time but I really feel that this is something you need to chew on this is something you need to work on.

You need to pray about does she need to sell key. How does this work in my life? How do I apply this? And let’s see what God does a man. Let’s pray.

Heavenly, Father.

Thank you for your love. I thank you God that your Will is at your will is done on Earth and your will is perfect. It’s pleasing. It’s right. It’s it’s all good. And so Lord, we know that we are in a battle against an enemy who is resisting your will at every opportunity and Lord. I know that you have given us the authority to make your wheel done here on Earth. So Lord, I pray and I askt hat over the next few weeks as we focus in on the things that you wanted us to learn and Lord the things you want us to apply to our lives God reveal those things where the enemy has a stronghold or has power to manipulator as we’ve given him Authority in some area. God cuz we as your people want to see your wheel done fully on the Earth. And God, we want to see it begin in us in our live sin our bodies in our natures and our relationships in our families. We want to see your will done first. So Lord teach us this show us how to walk in it and God may all the glory go to you and may your kingdom come and your will be done onEarth as it is in heaven. and all God’s people said amen. Amen. God bless you.

Thank you for being here today.


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